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Jane Bond Surety provides Probate Bonds in ALL states, counties, boroughs, cities and parishes. If you do not see your location listed, do not worry, you can use the main probate bond application here.

Listed are of some of the larger municpalities in the U.S. These jurisdictions may have requirements for probate bonds in your case. You can scroll through the list or locate it through the state page listed below.

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The first step is locating the bond needed. If you do not see your county you can click on a state. If this is not the bond you nee or can't locate the bond that you need you can always call us at


Probate County

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Once you've located the Probate Bond you need, you can apply right online for it. This application comes directly to us. In most instances you will here back from us right away. Our goal is to locate the quickest bond for the lowest rate.

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Our goal is to save both time and money.
Once you find the Probate Bond that you need and submit an app, you will receive a quote via email. The email will contain the cost and next steps to take should you decide to move forward. We will usually need to get signatures on a paper application, secure the premium and ship according to your instructions. It's really that simple.

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    Our company,, wanted to expand our geographical territory to all 50 states and required us to apply for a california finance license to expand into California. We shopped around for a bond an Rainy gave us the lowest price on the bond. I bought the bond based completely off price because I thought a bond is a bond and why would i need additional service or help from a bond company?

    I was wrong, after submitting our license application, the state of California asked us to make changes to the bond several times. Rainy, helped us with the bond changes requests by the state of California several times with riders in an expedient manner and even replaced the original bond for one of the changes when the original was lost in the mail between the state of california and myself. Rainy must have spent hours of time helping us with the bond. If Rainy did not rush to fix the issues presented by the state of California several times, there is no way we would have made deadlines with the licensing board that would have required us to start the licensing process all over at a cost of thousands of dollars to our company.

    I strongly recommend Rainy at Jane Bond. Whether you are looking for a low price or great service. We got both and Rainy was always friendly and professional and didn't charge us for any of the extra work we had caused her with the licensing process. I know I will always use Rainy at Jane Bond for our company's bond needs.

    Westfield Funding

    As a small contractor I found it hard to find a bonding company that would work with us. Jane Bond Surety did exactly that. They secured us our bid, payment and performance bonds quickly and professionally. We've been working ever since. Thank you Jane Bond Surety!

    Hough Construction

    We were right down to the last minute. Rainy, at Jane Bond Surety, helped us right through to the end. We had been denied bonding for a simple matter and she was able to cut through the red tape and secured a bond.

    M. Schwartz

    Quick and easy to use. Jane Bond Surety really cared about my bond. They were pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions.

    J. Anderson