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Probate Bond Estimator

Probate Bond Price

This Probate Bond calculator is a rough estimate. Some sureties charge more and some charge less. There are many factors that surety underwriters consider in probate matters.

Probate bond costs vary depending on the amount required by the court. The amount is typically based on the total estate value. The best way to determine a probate bond cost estimate is to use our calculator. This calculator will provide a close estimate on the yearly premium of a probate bond.

Once you submit the online quote, you will recieve a solid premium rate and provide you with easy steps to move forward to obtain your probate bond.

Bonds that are $25,000 and under have minimal underwriting standards. In fact, currently they are instantly issued.

Bonds that are $25,001 - $500,000 are mostly credit based and may require additional documentation. Bonds over $25,000 will require the assistance of an attorney.

Probate Bonds over $500,000 will require financial statements, a list of heirs, assets to be distributed and an attorney of record.

We, at Jane Bond Surety & Insurance, take your probate bond very seriously. We also consider the cost. We make every effort to obtain the quickest bond at the lowest rate. If at any juncture you have any questions call us at: 1-844-933-4455.

The Process


Use The Calculator For Your Probate Premium Estimate
For an exact quote you will need to submit an application. If you need a different bond you can search our bond list HERE. You can also call us at 844-933-4455 for any assistance needed.


Submit An Application For Your Exact Quote and Bond Approval
You can submit a probate bond application by clicking HERE. Once we have your application we hit the ground running to get you a quote.


Your Probate Bond Quote
Once we receive your app we will obtain your quote and send it to you via email. The email will contain instructions on how to proceed.


Moving forward.
We will send a proof copy for approval. Once approved, you can make payment online. The bond will be sent out with your choice of shipping options. Quick and easy!


After the Probate
Once the probate has been closed, send us the closing documents (exoneration) and we will close the bond out and stop billing.