Texas Estate Bond

Probate Estate Bonds
also known as executor bonds, estate bonds and fiduciary bonds, are designed to protect the estate of the deceased from incompetence, fraud and other bad actions by the estate's executor.

The probate bond is designed to protect the estate and beneficiaries in the event that the executor fails to live up to his or her duties and obligations. The probate bond can give the estate's beneficiaries peace of mind, reassuring them that even if the executor somehow loses or takes estate assets, they will be compensated. The probate court generally orders the executor to post bond.

Additional Information

Obtaining and maintaining a probate bond at Jane Bond Surety is simple.

Texas probate bonds are issued for a variety of capacities such as: Administrator, Executor, Guardian, Co-Guardians, and many other titles. It will be important to provide us with the court's order. This will help us with the name, case number, amount and appointment date.

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The Process


Locate the probate bond needed.
If this is not the correct bond you can locate other bonds on our bond list here. You can also call us at 844-933-4455 for any assistance needed.


Apply for your probate bond.
You can locate a specific application by clicking this link. Once we have your application we hit the ground running to get you a quote.


Quote via email.
Once we receive your app we will locate the best rate available to us. We will communicate that to you via email. The email will contain instructions on how to proceed.


Quote via email.
When you decide to move forward we will provide you with options to pay the premium, receive the probate bond as well as shipping options. It's really that simple!


Obtaining and maintaining a probate bond at Jane Bond Surety is simple.
Use the links above to take you to the county that is requiring the bond. You will find basic information regarding the court and the process.

Bonds in excess of $25,000 - $50,000 will require the assistance of a lawyer or legal assistance. Most sureties require this. That being said, it is not always the case. We will advise you of the steps needed to secure your bond. Below are links to the state's probate court information and a link to the state's bar association that can be of assistance to you in your case.

We, at Jane Bond Surety & Insurance, take your bond very seriously. We make every effort to get your bond quickly. Call us at: 1-844-933-4455 if you have any questions.