Claim and Delivery Bond

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Claim and Delivery Bond.

Also known as a Replevin or Sequestration, Claim and Delivery Bonds are required by statute if the plaintiff seeks to levy property before a judgment is made. The bond guarantees that if the Claim and Delivery is deemed wrongful that the defendant be able to collect damages.
Penal amounts will vary.

Claim and Delivery Bond
Depending upon credit this bond can range from 1% to 10% and higher.
There may be an option for financing on bonds with high ratings for clients with challenged credit.
($125 minimum bond fee applies).

Claim and Delivery Bond
This bond does not typically renew. However, there are instances where more than a year is needed. We will work with you on this.

Claim and Delivery Bond
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claim and delivery bond

Claim and Delivery Bond
claim and delivery