Common Questions

  • How long does it take to get bonded?
  • How fast can I get my bond?
  • How do I receive my bond?
  • Does Jane Bond Surety pull my credit?
  • Does Jane Bond offer financing?

In many instances we can get a bond in 24 hours or less. Some bonds that require significant underwriting, are complicated, or in higher amounts take longer. If the latter is true, we will have directions from the surety in 72 hours or less.

Once we have the bond we will execute it and send a copy via email. Then, you decide how you'd like it shipped. We can expedite shipping for an additional cost or we can use your shipper's information.

Jane Bond Surety does not pull anyone's credit. Rather, the selected surety company does. Keep in mind they do not pull a full credit report. This is key factor when completing our online applications. This information will help us pair you with the perfect surety.

Jane Bond Surety does not offer financing. We do have a surety company that we can approach that has financing for difficult bonds or those with challenges on their credit.

Additional Questions

What if I have changes to my bond?

Any material change must be reported to Jane Bond Surety. We will in turn notify your surety. A material change is a name change, address change, change of structure of the business, bankruptcy, claims, etc. If you have any questions you can call us to discuss.

Does my bond automatically renew?

Some bonds do and some don't. We are notified between 90-120 days prior to the expiration of the bond. At that time we will send you a renewal invoice with a method to pay online. If you opt to pay the invoice by sending a cashiers check or other funds you can do that too provided it is not too close to the renewal.

Keep in mind many bonds do not renew (title bonds, lost instrument, etc.).

What does it mean when the premium earned?

Premium is the amount you pay for a bond. In some instances the bond is only needed for a small increment of time (less than a year). Surety companies issues bonds in increments of a year. Thus, the premium paid is always considered fully earned. The only exception to that is when a client purchases and pays for a bond in excess of a year. Therefore, any premium paid beyond the year and the bond is not needed may be entitled to a refund of premium.

Are there ever any discounts on premium?

Sometimes. Many surety companies offer discounts when purchasing multiple years. We can advise you of this when you apply.

Where do I find the shuttle at the airport ?

Jane Bond Surety deals with accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, literally everyone! We deal with each person individually. It's important. Your bond is important and we treat it as such.