• Commercial Bonds - License & Permit
  • Fidelity & Fiduciary Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • Contract Bonding
  • Customs Bond

This is the larges group of bonds. Commercial bonds include license and permit bonds. You will find motor vehicle dealers, driving school, contractors, traffic school and the like bonds in this category.

Fidelity bonds are bonds such as dishonesty bonds, ERISA and janitorial bonds. Fiduciary bonds are bonds that deal with others handling money or property. A person placed in the capacity of a fiduciary may be required to obtain one of these bonds such as in a probate matter.

Public official bonds are bonds such as notary, county clerks, tax collectors, etc.

Court bonds is a large group of bonds that can cover all sorts of judicial events. Often times courts require these bonds for a variety of matters.

Contract bonding includes bid or bidders bonds, payment, performance, labor & material, supply, site improvement and subdivision bonds.

Customs bonds are required by the Federal government. There are two major types of customs bonds.